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Here the primary focus lies in the study of astrology as a tool to gain understanding of your life's purpose. Virtually everyone is aware of the placement of their Sun sign, and yet there are a variety of aspects within astrology that governs each individual's unique life. Each astral body transited different zodiac signs and houses at your time and place of birth. Each of these positions will have a different effect on your personality and life that become tools to further understand one's strengths, weaknesses, and raison d'etre.

Each astrology chart processed is personally researched and composed into a PDF which allows for you to print or review it more than once any time you desire. I do not believe in computer generated cold readings due to the simple fact that I have always found them to be very impersonal and generalized. I believe when someone actually takes the time to look beyond the superficial computerized readings there is much more to discover. One on one readings give you the "why" of your behavior whereas a generalized look up of your astrological identity only gives you the "what" so to speak. The purpose of the following consultations is to paint a fuller picture for you than any online blurb ever can.


As Within So Without Chart $13.33  BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

A unique journey through your personal solar system as we chart your inner and outer planets. Unlike traditional natal charts this one will also share with you the astrological configurations or aspect patterns found at the time of your birth. Your inner planets affect your daily life while the outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn impact phases of your personal life. Uranus, however, brings powerful changes for all of humanity. Overall the outer planets hold influence over entire collective generations.

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The Inspiring Muses $18.88  BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

A group of 9 asteroids prominent in the chart show us where one is creative. The muses come from Greek mythology as the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Each Muse rules something a little different. They are:

● Calliope (Muse of Epic Poetry) — ideal for the writer in you
● Clio (Muse of History) — for those with a focus on history as well as fame
● Euterpe (Muse of Music and Song) — discover your inner virtuoso
● Erato (Muse of Lyric Poetry) — for those who enjoy romantic writing/poetry and mimic interpretation
● Melpomene (Muse of Tragedy) — the thespian who connects with acting and the theater
● Polyhymnia (Muse of Hymns) — find out where your creative spirituality and natural metaphysician lies
● Terpsichore (Muse of Dance) — do you have a knack for dance, choreography, and personalized moves
● Thalia (Muse of Comedy) — uncover your comedic or cartoonist talents
● Urania (Muse of Astrology) — find your gifts for astrology, psychicism, and mysticism

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Do What You Love $15.55  BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

One of the most important decisions in anyone's life is their career. Only you can make that choice. Some of us will know from an early age what our passion is, but the majority of us struggle in deciding what we should do with our lives. Vocational astrology assists in learning your ideal career path. Whether you are at the beginning of your professional path, experiencing a crisis or burnout, or you want to change your line of work this chart can provide you with guidance.

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Four Pillars of Destiny $19.99  BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

Nothing of beneficial value occurs if one is not balanced. The Four Pillars tradition can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. The year pillar represents your social circle, ancestry, business associates, and external world. The animal sign in this Earthly branch affects your outlook and appearance. The month pillar represents your career, business opportunities, extended family, and parents/siblings. Here the animal sign you have represents the Earthly branch of your career and ambitions. The day pillar represents your spouse, home, health, and all that is personal to you. Animal signs at this Earthly branch affect your feelings, relationships, and the destiny of your partner/spouse. Lastly, the hour pillar represents your investments, children, and personal goals/dreams. Therefore the animal sign of this Earthly branch affects health, thinking, and ideas.

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Part of Fortune $15.55  BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

Everyone has been more than a little curious to decipher what life has for them before the leap off the metaphorical cliff into the unknown and uncharted. Where does your abundance lie in these five key aspects of everyday life?

● Finances
● Higher Education
● Marriage
● Profession
● Happiness

There has never been a better time to find out.

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The Selenophile Revelation $18.88  BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

An ideal for anyone who values the mysteries of the Moon through her God and Goddess archetypes as well as her phases. A unique approach is taken here by looking at one's Moon, North/South Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, White Moon Selene, Artemis, Diana, Chang'E, Chandra, and Rhiannon who represent cultural facets of our Earthly satellite in all its glory. We spend so much time focused on our Sun sign that we neglect to recognize the Moon is a reflection of this light and an exceptionally important patner in the cosmos.

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